Nemesis Clone

Nemesis Clone - stainless steel

If mechanical mods are your thing, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Nemesis clone. The real Nemesis is made by Atmomixani in Greece. Its one of the best designs in mechanical mods. I say this because lots of mech mod designs get pretty fidgety when it comes to getting a snug fit with your battery. Some are downright clumsy. But the Atmomixani design is one of the best by far. One key to the design is the top cap pin which you simply screw until its touching your atomizer. The second key is the switch design, you just screw the bottom switch in until its snug. Done! There’s no screwing and unscrewing to try and get the thumb screws just right – everything just works.

There are two problems with the Atmomixani Nemesis. First off its expensive. Secondly its REALLY hard to find one even if you want to spend the premium price to get it. Enter the clone market.

China basically clones EVERYTHING. From cell phones to flashlights and back again. And these clones are dirt cheap. The Nemesis clones are literally 1 to 1 – just about impossible to tell them apart. And here’s where it gets better – the clones actually have better performance and less voltage drop than the original. I’m going to break down some of your options and explain – there’s a lot of clones available.

Nemesis Clone Choices

Original Stainless Steel

In Stock for $24.63

Nemesis Clone - stainless steel

This one is a classic. Low maintenance and will work forever if you take care of it. And the best part is the price – its $25. This one is the first Nemesis clone I bought and probably my favorite. Very durable and I’ve even dropped it twice.

The finish on this one is a mix of a brushed stainless steel tubes and polished stainless steel collars. It looks fantastic.


Silver with Gold Accents for $25.68

Gold with Silver Accents for $20.60

Nemesis Clone - Mixed Edition 1

Nemesis Clone - Mixed Edition 2

The original Nemesis is released in several variations with different mixes of materials. These are released in “editions” such as the mixed matte edition, the Kalafan edition and the VW edition. You can get a nemesis clone in similar configurations as well. Also cool is getting 2 mods and mixing your own – why not – there not expensive at all.

Nemesis Clones in copper and brass

Brass for $19.79
Copper Edition for $24.90

Nemesis Clone Brass

Nemesis Clone Copper

These are two of my favorite Nemesis clones. I bought one of each and did 2 mixed editions of my own. A few notes about these: First off they feature silver pins – not a big deal, they still hit hard. Just know the pins aren’t brass or copper. Secondly these Nemesis clones are higher maintenance due to the materials they are made out of. Not a big deal, just remember to get some Brass-O and copper cleaner so you can keep these looking their best.

Various Colors

I personally am not a fan of these mainly because they are anodized aluminum. Just not as heavy duty as the one’s I’ve listed above. But if you like having a colored mod – these are still the same great design as the other Nemesis clones so they’ll do just fine. I’m just more traditional personally. But they look good for what they are. Note: these are 14500/14350 battery sizes.

Red for $16.06
Purple for $14.88
Orange for $16.06
Black for $16.06





Psychedelic Vomit

In stock for $21.14

I have no idea who this one is for, but its there so I’ll cover it. This one is a rainbow finish. Its gross. I guess that’s enough said. If you want it – go for it.


General Advice for Buying Clones

Clones are cheap alternatives to the real deal. They are amazingly no different than the real deal in most cases. I’ve linked up several options here for getting your Nemesis clone. The Fasttech devices are the best deals out there, but Fasttech can be slow and sometimes your stuff sits in customs forever getting out of China. Be sure to read my article on buying from Fasttech.

That’s it – get a Nemesis clone – I promise you’ll love it!

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