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Buying from Fasttech is certainly one of the cheapest ways of getting vape gear. However Fasttech is a massive company in China and if you’re not sure what you’re doing it can be a very frustrating experience. I’m writing this article to give you a few tips on getting your stuff and getting it in a reasonable amount of time.

One of the biggest jokes in the vape community is referring to Fasttech as Slowtech. If you follow some of the rules of thumb here you’ll decrease your wait time. However you need to remember that Fasttech is not Amazon. There’s no “Prime” subscription and certainly no express shipping. You’re buying things from China and depending on your shipping method combined with their confusing stock status – you could be waiting up to a month to get your stuff.

Buying From Fasttech: Stock Status

Fasttech have an amazing selection of electronic cigarette supplies. They’ve got everything from cheap clones of mods to RDA’s to refill coils to you name it. Its easy to feel like a kid at Christmas when you’re shopping. However you need to understand the status of whether or not something is in stock. You could be disappointed if your order gets held up. Fasttech is (likely intentionally) unclear about stock status.

buying from fasttech

If you’re browsing an item, make sure to look near the “BUY” button. You’ll see the status – it might read something like “ships next day” or “ships in two weeks”. These status alerts are usually fairly accurate so if its not ready to ship in the next day, be prepared to wait. Also frustrating is that they will hold your order until all of the things you’re buying are ready. So if you have one thing in your shopping cart that’s on a 2 week wait – they will wait 2 weeks until its all there. If you are in this situation and don’t want to wait, complete your order without the item then make a second order (you’ll have to pay shipping again). That’s the workaround. Otherwise prepare to be patient.

Note: You can also see your order stock status in your shopping cart view.

shopping cart view


One of the features Fasttech loves to brag about is the “Free Worldwide Shipping”. Yes its free and yes its awful. Your stuff will sit in Chinese customs for up to a month. I had one order sit there for 6 weeks. You don’t want to go this route – its not worth it.

The best option is to select “EMS Speedpost Global Express” at checkout. This will probably route it through another country, but you will get your order in a week instead of 6 weeks. It costs extra, but for me its worth it mainly because my time and patience are worth something. In that context, $20 or so isn’t so bad. I also recommend using PayPal on checkout. Sure its a pain, but it makes global orders a little easier when buying from Fasttech.

buying from fasttech


This one is the kicker. Your order is shipped from China when buying from Fasttech so there’s all kinds of customs papers on the package. You will need to be home to sign for it. I ship my stuff to the office where we always have mail delivery people. If you don’t have this option, track your shipment and be ready to take a personal day to stay home and wait for the mail. If I forget and I’m not there to sign – then my package goes to the post office for additional loosing and holding. Its really frustrating. They don’t make this clear on the site so get it shipped somewhere where you can sign.

Improving Your Experience Ordering from Fasttech

So its a pain, but that’s how it all works. I didn’t know this the first time I bought through Fasttech and it caused me a great deal of grief when my stuff was just sitting there in customs over in China. But if you follow the tips I’ve given you here you’ll be in good shape. When I do my orders this way I usually have my stuff in the US in 1 week assuming its all in stock.

Otherwise another attitude is just be REALLY patient. Place your order and then forget about it. You’ll have a nice surprise when it actually shows up.

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