Thanks for visiting Slack Vape. We are about helping the vaping community and mainly people who’ve chosen vaping as a reduced risk alternative to smoking.

The mission here at Slack Vape is simple. Keep the slack alive. Many of us out there want the best vaping experience possible. We love toys. We love mods and tanks. We love our RDA’s. We like trying different devices in the eternal quest for the ultimate vape. But we also don’t want to go broke in the process!

Most of us would love to buy a genuine Nemesis mod or a genuine Turtle Ship from RJMods. But the truth is that most of us can’t afford these things. The boutique stuff is very niche and also very expensive. Enter China. They clone everything there. And they do it cheap. What’s available? We’ll let you know!

Even if you’re not into the fancy stuff, we’ll keep you posted on the best juices out there. We keep up with the best deals on where to find an Innokin iTaste MVP. Need new coils or tanks? What’s an iClear 30 vs an iClear 30b? We’ll let you know!

If there’s something you’d like to see reviewed here that you haven’t seen – let us know. We’ll get right on it!

Slack Vape is all about the budget conscious vaper. Vaping doesn’t need to be expensive and we can’t all afford the latest and greatest authentic mods, RDA’s and tanks. Most of us are left only able to afford gear in the world of clones. But how do you know what’s good and what’s not?

Slack Vape is your resource for the latest vaping gear and reviews largely of clones.

We track all the sales going on and good deals. Our aim is to help you save money and stay off of the analogs.

The reviews on this site are as honest as we can make them. If something is terrible, we let you know. If something is great we want to share it.

Keep calm and vape on!